The Dictionary Project

Ever volunteered for something and then had second thoughts?   I recently volunteered to help re-write a dictionary.  Not just any dictionary.  An English-Xitswa dictionary.  Xitswa (pronounced Sheet-swah) is the language spoken in the southern part of Mozambique.  Before you think I am completely insane for taking this on, let me explain


The Latest Swedish Book Technology

EBooks have been on the scene for several years, and while eReader technology has made some significant strides in improving the eBook experience, we are reaching the limits of how “like a real book” that experience can truly be.  Leave it to the Swedes to discover the ultimate reading experience.  From the


Lucy Maud Montgomery and the Real Green Gables

Every year, usually around February or March, the travel bug sets into my consciousness.  After one of these such instances, my college roommate and I decided it was time we took an adventure together.  So about a year ago, we found ourselves in Canada on Prince Edward Island off the coast of Nova


The Case of the Disappearing Books

High on the list of questions we hear at the front desk is “Where do my books go when I put them in the outside book drop?”  Well, here’s the answer. We empty the book drop each morning before we open for business — and yes, we arrive an hour early just


Book Reports 2.0

Do you hate book reports?  I know I sure did when I was in school.  But this last week a patron returned this book in the drop box with an orange sticky note on it. Another great read by Nancy Thayer!  Have read all her books!  I couldn’t help but laugh and think, “this is a mini


And Steve said, “Let there be sound!”

You may have noticed that our internet stations look just a bit different now. In fact, you may have noticed because you came in to use one last week and the computers were flat out gone.  Sorry! But here’s why they were gone: we upgraded them!  Our old system had been limping


Christmas in July

I love looking on Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, etc. to get great new ideas for Children’s programming in the library.  Sometime at the beginning of the summer, I read a post about “Bedtime Math”.  Well I love math, so I was intrigued and more than a little excited to learn more. As I


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

zv7qrnb Passenger trains had long been dwindling as more and more people owned multiple cars or chose to fly rather than ride, but train usage has surged in the last several years.  I myself took my first train ride just over a year ago, and I’ve heard of several people around the library


A Deal You Can Refuse

One of my friends approached me yesterday and commented that “I see I won’t be able to use my Kindle to download eBooks from your website.”  What she said is true:  we are indeed making some changes to our eLibrary.  Our patrons currently may download eBooks and eAudiobooks from the Sunflower eLibrary,


What Happened to Ned?

The other day the weirdest thing happened to me.  I was shelving paperback books when I spotted a small volume from the Nancy Drew Files series.  I immediately got excited!  Could it be Nancy Drew Case File #24 that I’ve been looking for my whole life?  I’ve scoured garage sales, rummage sales,