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Lights, action . . . camera optional

I couldn’t wait for my granddaughter to come for a visit so she could play with the newest addition in the children’s area of the library.  Any visit from this bundle of cuteness is welcome, but seeing her work with this new light table that the library purchased this summer doubled our fun.


The Dictionary Project

Ever volunteered for something and then had second thoughts?   I recently volunteered to help re-write a dictionary.  Not just any dictionary.  An English-Xitswa dictionary.  Xitswa (pronounced Sheet-swah) is the language spoken in the southern part of Mozambique.  Before you think I am completely insane for taking this on, let me explain


The Case of the Disappearing Books

High on the list of questions we hear at the front desk is “Where do my books go when I put them in the outside book drop?”  Well, here’s the answer. We empty the book drop each morning before we open for business — and yes, we arrive an hour early just


A Novel Destination

I just returned from my bi-annual pilgrimage to the Seattle area to visit my in-laws.  They happen to live in the peninsula town of Port Orchard, which is the hometown of inspirational romance author, Debbie Macomber.  While in Port Orchard you can eat at Debbie’s Victorian tea shop or browse in her gift store –if


The Librarian who Came in From the Cold

I was once accused of working covertly for the CIA. This would have been quite funny if I hadn’t been staring down the barrel of an AK-47 at the time.  It was a colossal case of being in the wrong place (Mozambique) at the the wrong time (in the middle of a


Going to the Dogs This Summer

When local teacher, Mary Jo Staab, volunteered to come to the library each week this summer with her therapy dog, we jumped at the chance to make it happen. Callie is a beautiful black labrador with a sweet, friendly disposition.  She’s also a highly trained therapy dog who works in the local


“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya!”

One of our student workers just returned from a vacation to Jamaica. While rearranging the staff schedule to cover her absence, I was a more than a tiny bit jealous of her — sun, sand, palms swaying in the breeze.  I could just picture her returning with a gorgeous tan, a Caribbean


The Supreme Sacrifice

Memorial Day rolls around again. Many of us will make a trek to a cemetery to place flowers on the headstones of relatives and friends long departed. Somehow it all seems remote and distant — those long gone saints and heroes. But the past came back with haunting echoes recently as I


Librarians as Control-F Keys

I remember the days when people came to the front desk asking us to look up the capitol city of Azerbaijan or the lines of a Kipling poem. And we actually looked those things up in BOOKS!  What role is left for library staff to play in an era where this kind


The Good News from Africa

Africa, the land where I spent the first 18 years of my life, conjures modern images of suffering, conflict, and poverty.  Darfur, disease, genocide, ruthless dictators, blood diamonds, land mines, famines — we’ve all seen the headlines. And yet, Africa continues to show it’s sunnier face in some of the new books written by sons,