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Lucy Maud Montgomery and the Real Green Gables

Every year, usually around February or March, the travel bug sets into my consciousness.  After one of these such instances, my college roommate and I decided it was time we took an adventure together.  So about a year ago, we found ourselves in Canada on Prince Edward Island off the coast of Nova


Book Reports 2.0

Do you hate book reports?  I know I sure did when I was in school.  But this last week a patron returned this book in the drop box with an orange sticky note on it. Another great read by Nancy Thayer!  Have read all her books!  I couldn’t help but laugh and think, “this is a mini


What Happened to Ned?

The other day the weirdest thing happened to me.  I was shelving paperback books when I spotted a small volume from the Nancy Drew Files series.  I immediately got excited!  Could it be Nancy Drew Case File #24 that I’ve been looking for my whole life?  I’ve scoured garage sales, rummage sales,


Judging a Book by it’s Cover

We’ve all heard it said, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  I for one know I have been guilty of doing just that.  Often times the cover is what draws me in to pick up a book in the first place.  In the library, we also find that to be true.  Books


It’s All in How You Phrase It

Do you ever get so attached to the characters you’re reading about that you begin to care for them as if they were real people?  Recently I was listening to the audiobook version of To Kill a Mockingbird and inadvertently created a plot twist that did not exist.  I must admit, I


An Old Photography Shop

People request all sorts of information at the library:  from the mundane to the downright strange, we get them all.  Just this last month, I received an email requesting a number from the McPherson Telephone Directory from 1947. The man was writing a book set in McPherson during that era and wanted to be


Kansas Connections

The Wizard of Oz and tornadoes:   In all my travels, those are the two things people will think of immediately when I say I’m from Kansas.  But when their comments bring up other connections to Kansas, I really perk up and start listening. So it really caught my attention, as I’m reading Never Tell by


Torn Pages: A Tale from Book Repair

This story usually begins with a parent pulling a bashful, sometimes teary-eyed child up to the front desk. The child then confesses to “hurting” or “breaking” the book and apologizes. If this is your child, don’t worry we see this all the time, its just part of kids learning to read. More often than not this tale


The Book that Fell Apart

Here’s one of life’s lessons: there are situations you cannot fix.  Sometimes you just have to move on and let go. Well, I faced this recently while working in book repair. See those pieces laying in front of the book?  That’s what was left of the spine.  And if that weren’t enough, the


The Things we do for Books

During the lifetime of a book, it receives a lot of wear and tear.  When it’s your favorite book, the coffee ring on the cover and the dog-eared corners don’t matter.  Neither do those few pages you may scotch taped just to hold it all together.  But here at the library, when I