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A Blog to Remember

The McPherson Public Library’s blog, known as The Window, died October 2nd, 2014. Born in December of 2013, The Window lived a happy life at the library.  Contributors included Ann Anderson, Abby Bohnenblust, Rachel Brandt, Jennie Hall, Mandy Martin, Steve Read, Liz Wilson, and Abby Yost. The Window could often be heard


And Steve said, “Let there be sound!”

You may have noticed that our internet stations look just a bit different now. In fact, you may have noticed because you came in to use one last week and the computers were flat out gone.  Sorry! But here’s why they were gone: we upgraded them!  Our old system had been limping


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Passenger trains had long been dwindling as more and more people owned multiple cars or chose to fly rather than ride, but train usage has surged in the last several years.  I myself took my first train ride just over a year ago, and I’ve heard of several people around the library discussing


Crazy Busy!!!

  Summer is busy.  We get that.  But the new phrase I’m hearing is “crazy busy.”  As in, “I’m sorry I can’t make it to your birthday party, we’re just crazy busy right now!” My question is, when does “busy” become “crazy busy?”  Is there an intrinsic level of insanity that reaches a


Words, Words, Words!

I love words. Absolutely LOVE them! So here’s a list of a few of my favorites (emphasis on few), along with a brief, sometimes Rachelized definition. macabre – gruesome or horrifying, often used in reference to death lugubrious – gloomy or dismal, especially in an exaggerated manner; frequently used in reference to my mood


Don’t Judge, But DO Try it!

Sometimes you may look at a book and think, “Nah.  That cover art looks so boring!  I won’t even bother looking at it.”  But then you somehow hear about it; perhaps from a friend, on the radio, maybe even reviews in a magazine or newspaper.  It actually sounds kind of interesting.  You


Front Page News

I was looking for an obituary a few days ago that I knew would be somewhere in late August of 1941.  Maybe early September, if the paper was slow getting the news.  But here’s the thing about searching through the microfilm of old newspapers:  you can’t not read the headlines. And this


Nat’l Library Week: We Can Get That for You!

I hate telling people no.  Or pets for that matter, as my spoiled dog would tell you if he could talk.  But I really, really hate it when I have to answer someone with the negative. Which is one reason I love inter-library loans (ILL). Our library collection is, by physical and monetary necessity, limited. 


Nat’l Library Week: The McPherson Room

Researching your family history?  Desperately trying to remember the last name of that old high school chum?  Devastatingly curious about the tunnels that supposedly exist under the streets of McPherson? The McPherson Room is the place for you!  So much more than a stuffy room full of dusty books, The McPherson Room


Microwave Mentality

Few people would disagree that America today has what I like to call a “microwave mentality.”  We want things when we want them — right now – and sometimes we are willing to sacrifice quality in the name of brevity. Just like microwaving a frozen dinner instead of taking the time to prepare a