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A Blog to Remember

The McPherson Public Library’s blog, known as The Window, died October 2nd, 2014. Born in December of 2013, The Window lived a happy life at the library.  Contributors included Ann Anderson, Abby Bohnenblust, Rachel Brandt, Jennie Hall, Mandy Martin, Steve Read, Liz Wilson, and Abby Yost. The Window could often be heard


Lights, action . . . camera optional

I couldn’t wait for my granddaughter to come for a visit so she could play with the newest addition in the children’s area of the library.  Any visit from this bundle of cuteness is welcome, but seeing her work with this new light table that the library purchased this summer doubled our fun.


The Dictionary Project

Ever volunteered for something and then had second thoughts?   I recently volunteered to help re-write a dictionary.  Not just any dictionary.  An English-Xitswa dictionary.  Xitswa (pronounced Sheet-swah) is the language spoken in the southern part of Mozambique.  Before you think I am completely insane for taking this on, let me explain


Words, Words, Words!

I love words. Absolutely LOVE them! So here’s a list of a few of my favorites (emphasis on few), along with a brief, sometimes Rachelized definition. macabre – gruesome or horrifying, often used in reference to death lugubrious – gloomy or dismal, especially in an exaggerated manner; frequently used in reference to my mood


Mandy and Liz on the Road

Mrs. Mandy and Mrs. Liz visited each of the 4 public elementary schools last week to talk about the library summer reading program. Boo bubbles, made with dry ice, were a big hit.  We hope to see many kids this summer as we celebrate with weekly science themes including electricity, magnets and


Nat’l Library Week: It’s a Blue Planet

One feature of our Children’s Library which is easy to overlook is the Blue Planet Globe.  Housed in a dark plexiglass case, the globe is designed to simulate the earth rotating in space.   A small electric motor inside the globe turns it so that each rotation equals 24 hours.  A light inside the globe


The Book that Fell Apart

Here’s one of life’s lessons: there are situations you cannot fix.  Sometimes you just have to move on and let go. Well, I faced this recently while working in book repair. See those pieces laying in front of the book?  That’s what was left of the spine.  And if that weren’t enough, the


New Cards, Old Cards

Brand new library cards made their debut at the library this month.  They feature a color photo of one of our stained glass windows and come in two sizes — wallet and key tag.  They scan under a light beam and transmit all kinds of information to our computers.  They get you onto the public internet terminals.