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Book Reports 2.0

Do you hate book reports?  I know I sure did when I was in school.  But this last week a patron returned this book in the drop box with an orange sticky note on it. Another great read by Nancy Thayer!  Have read all her books!  I couldn’t help but laugh and think, “this is a mini


What Happened to Ned?

The other day the weirdest thing happened to me.  I was shelving paperback books when I spotted a small volume from the Nancy Drew Files series.  I immediately got excited!  Could it be Nancy Drew Case File #24 that I’ve been looking for my whole life?  I’ve scoured garage sales, rummage sales,


Reading: The Affordable Pastime

I like to cook on occasion, and I really enjoy browsing through stores like The Cook’s Nook.  There’s something about all of those kitchen gadgets that is very seductive.  They are all hanging there on the wall or in little bins, just crying out to help you make whatever it is that


A Weeding Wimp

My husband and I have been turning one of our empty bedrooms into his “library” for more months than I care to admit.  The good news is we are done painting!   The wood floor has been stripped and finished!   This Saturday we cleaned the windows inside and out and the blinds!  Whew!  The hard



I’ve spent considerable time working in the book stacks over the past year as part of our Genre Project.  Part of that project included identifying volumes on the shelves that were in poor condition and withdrawing them from the collection — librarians call that process “weeding”. Many of the titles I weeded had been read until they


It’s All in How You Phrase It

Do you ever get so attached to the characters you’re reading about that you begin to care for them as if they were real people?  Recently I was listening to the audiobook version of To Kill a Mockingbird and inadvertently created a plot twist that did not exist.  I must admit, I


Don’t Judge, But DO Try it!

Sometimes you may look at a book and think, “Nah.  That cover art looks so boring!  I won’t even bother looking at it.”  But then you somehow hear about it; perhaps from a friend, on the radio, maybe even reviews in a magazine or newspaper.  It actually sounds kind of interesting.  You


Read it Before Hollywood Does

It’s been a common perception for a great many years that the Hollywood movie machine can take a book and turn it into a screenplay that has little in common with the story of the original author.  Movies have been made about it!  But in most cases — whether it’s in real


Reading Spaces

Where do you most like to read?  Do you read nonfiction in a different location or in a different position than you do fiction?   Where do you read magazines or catalogs, or the newspaper? I like to read in my window seat in the late afternoon, in my living room swing (although the


Read it Again, Pam

For years and years, I belonged to that group of people who could not see the sense in reading a book more than once.  With so many books in the world just waiting to be read, why take the time to read something to which you’ve already given your attention?  The last page is