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Lucy Maud Montgomery and the Real Green Gables

Every year, usually around February or March, the travel bug sets into my consciousness.  After one of these such instances, my college roommate and I decided it was time we took an adventure together.  So about a year ago, we found ourselves in Canada on Prince Edward Island off the coast of Nova


Flying Mustaches . . .

My little boy loves to read books.  It really has nothing to do with me or the fact that I am a children’s librarian.  He has always loved them.  When he was younger he loved them so much that he would eat them at night if we left them in his bed.


Torn Pages: A Tale from Book Repair

This story usually begins with a parent pulling a bashful, sometimes teary-eyed child up to the front desk. The child then confesses to “hurting” or “breaking” the book and apologizes. If this is your child, don’t worry we see this all the time, its just part of kids learning to read. More often than not this tale