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Crazy Busy!!!

  Summer is busy.  We get that.  But the new phrase I’m hearing is “crazy busy.”  As in, “I’m sorry I can’t make it to your birthday party, we’re just crazy busy right now!” My question is, when does “busy” become “crazy busy?”  Is there an intrinsic level of insanity that reaches a


Going to the Dogs This Summer

When local teacher, Mary Jo Staab, volunteered to come to the library each week this summer with her therapy dog, we jumped at the chance to make it happen. Callie is a beautiful black labrador with a sweet, friendly disposition.  She’s also a highly trained therapy dog who works in the local


The Book Business

Libraries and bookstores share much in common, and librarians have been known to jump ship and dive into the bookstore business, either as owners or employees.  I also know a few librarians who formerly were associated with bookstores.  Sometimes, a person just can’t get enough books! Those who have lived in McPherson


Spark a Reaction at MPL!

Schoooool’s out for the summer!  Finally!  It’s here! SUMMER BREAK!  This means teens will have A LOT of time on their hands. However, have no fear! Each week in June and July, we will have some awesome things going on just for teens (6th-12th grade)! And they’re all FREE! Check out the


Match Day and the Paper Lion

On Match Day (Wednesday, March 5) at the McPherson County Community Foundation, library supporters will have the opportunity to boost the library Endowment Fund and have their donations matched by MCCF at 50 cents on the dollar.  This is a great fundraising opportunity, but it is not the first nor the most


It’s Been a Very Good Five Years!

 Where were you on February 13th, 2009?  Were you one of the hundreds of people who came to the grand re-opening of the library on that day? It’s five years later and we’re celebrating the still-lovely and spacious surroundings – the beautiful stained glass, the refurbished Sandzen behind the service desk, the doubled space for the collection, the comfortable basement