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Oh the Places You’ll Go . . .

I’m going to let you in on my little secret . . . are you ready?  I love to visit other libraries when traveling.  While on vacation, most people probably like to visit all the sights and sounds, but I like to see what’s going on in other libraries, particularly their children’s


Crazy Busy!!!

  Summer is busy.  We get that.  But the new phrase I’m hearing is “crazy busy.”  As in, “I’m sorry I can’t make it to your birthday party, we’re just crazy busy right now!” My question is, when does “busy” become “crazy busy?”  Is there an intrinsic level of insanity that reaches a


Say “Goodbye” to One Library Myth

For the past several years the Pew Research Center has studied our nation’s public libraries — how Americans view and use them, and what their future might be.  In the process, they have demolished more than a few myths and uncovered some surprises. One of those myths to fall under the weight of



I’ve spent considerable time working in the book stacks over the past year as part of our Genre Project.  Part of that project included identifying volumes on the shelves that were in poor condition and withdrawing them from the collection — librarians call that process “weeding”. Many of the titles I weeded had been read until they


“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya!”

One of our student workers just returned from a vacation to Jamaica. While rearranging the staff schedule to cover her absence, I was a more than a tiny bit jealous of her — sun, sand, palms swaying in the breeze.  I could just picture her returning with a gorgeous tan, a Caribbean


Librarians as Control-F Keys

I remember the days when people came to the front desk asking us to look up the capitol city of Azerbaijan or the lines of a Kipling poem. And we actually looked those things up in BOOKS!  What role is left for library staff to play in an era where this kind


Nat’l Library Week: Get Real with MPL Staff

National Library Week is in full swing, and we are inviting you to “Get Real” at the McPherson Public Library! What does that mean exactly?  Well this year, we wanted to show you what we as a library are all about — and that includes our staff. With that being said, who better


Westward Ho!

p5rn7vb Library carts served as our Conestoga wagons last month as we moved the entire fiction collection — all 22,449 books — to different shelves in the fiction area. The hardy pioneers on our staff loaded up carts and made many treks back and forth to get all the books re-shelved. We started at


Torn Pages: A Tale from Book Repair

This story usually begins with a parent pulling a bashful, sometimes teary-eyed child up to the front desk. The child then confesses to “hurting” or “breaking” the book and apologizes. If this is your child, don’t worry we see this all the time, its just part of kids learning to read. More often than not this tale



I love my job!   What could be better for a book-loving extrovert than working at the service desk?  I not only get to hang out with all sorts of interesting people, but I get to help them find a good read or a new author! Part of my job is  to help people