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I love my job!   What could be better for a book-loving extrovert than working at the service desk?  I not only get to hang out with all sorts of interesting people, but I get to help them find a good read or a new author! Part of my job is  to help people


My Surprise Find

A few days ago, a patron brought back an audiobook, saying that it was skipping.  How frustrating to get halfway through a book, then miss a part because all you hear is eh—so—we—then—!  It’s like listening to the edited version of rap. Still, I ended up benefiting from this disaster.  After cleaning the


It’s Been a Very Good Five Years!

 Where were you on February 13th, 2009?  Were you one of the hundreds of people who came to the grand re-opening of the library on that day? It’s five years later and we’re celebrating the still-lovely and spacious surroundings – the beautiful stained glass, the refurbished Sandzen behind the service desk, the doubled space for the collection, the comfortable basement


Don’t Be Surprised if You See . . .

p5rn7vb At the library, we tend to meet all kinds of people from various walks of life —  it is a great place for people with different interests and backgrounds to come together.  Here is just a sampling of the fascinating people we might meet at the library: The cowboy who likes to read about alternative


This is Not Your Father’s Bookmark

Why is it that when you need a bookmark in a hurry, the one your friend gave you or the one you just picked up at the library — or the beautiful one you made —  are nowhere to be found?    I got to thinking about this the other day when I found


The Library Lonely Hearts Club

Here is the saddest shelf in the library. It’s where incomplete returned items sit, mourning the loss of their significant other – a DVD case missing a disc, an audiobook missing a CD, a toy missing a piece, a music CD missing liner notes.  You get the picture – the Library Lonely Hearts Club!



Writing a blog sounds easy, right?  You just jot down your thoughts; the whole thing is very informal, and we’ve got several people contributing to the library’s new blog.  So why are we all freaking out just a little bit? Because it’s harder than it sounds.  Sure, we have a lightning bolt


The Library Laundry

I had an epiphany a few days ago. When I mentioned it to Ann, one of our Library Assistants, she gave me a wise, knowing smile, but I had never thought of it before. At the library, calling patrons to notify them that we are holding reserved books for them is like