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And Steve said, “Let there be sound!”

You may have noticed that our internet stations look just a bit different now. In fact, you may have noticed because you came in to use one last week and the computers were flat out gone.  Sorry! But here’s why they were gone: we upgraded them!  Our old system had been limping


Christmas in July

I love looking on Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, etc. to get great new ideas for Children’s programming in the library.  Sometime at the beginning of the summer, I read a post about “Bedtime Math”.  Well I love math, so I was intrigued and more than a little excited to learn more. As I


Librarians as Control-F Keys

I remember the days when people came to the front desk asking us to look up the capitol city of Azerbaijan or the lines of a Kipling poem. And we actually looked those things up in BOOKS!  What role is left for library staff to play in an era where this kind


Nat’l Library Week: We Can Get That for You!

m4s0n501 I hate telling people no.  Or pets for that matter, as my spoiled dog would tell you if he could talk.  But I really, really hate it when I have to answer someone with the negative. Which is one reason I love inter-library loans (ILL). Our library collection is, by physical and monetary necessity,



I love my job!   What could be better for a book-loving extrovert than working at the service desk?  I not only get to hang out with all sorts of interesting people, but I get to help them find a good read or a new author! Part of my job is  to help people


You Can Check That Out From the Library?

I hear that quite a lot in reference to our toy collection.  TOY COLLECTION?  That’s right, the McPherson Public Library has toys that are available for check out.  Our collection started in 1974, and our library was one of the first public libraries in the nation to provide toys and learning games for checkout.  We have toys available for



Writing a blog sounds easy, right?  You just jot down your thoughts; the whole thing is very informal, and we’ve got several people contributing to the library’s new blog.  So why are we all freaking out just a little bit? Because it’s harder than it sounds.  Sure, we have a lightning bolt