The Library Lonely Hearts Club

Here is the saddest shelf in the library.


It’s where incomplete returned items sit, mourning the loss of their significant other – a DVD case missing a disc, an audiobook missing a CD, a toy missing a piece, a music CD missing liner notes.  You get the picture – the Library Lonely Hearts Club!

These sad splits are the cue for the library staff to swing into action, playing the role of counselor and matchmaker.  We make phone calls and send letters.  We listen to stories of items abandoned in rental cars, CDs lost on long road trips, toy pieces left at Grandma’s house, and liner IMG_1686[1]notes left in nameless hotel rooms.  Ahhh . . . the heartbreaking stories of the incomplete items!

We offer advice and suggest known hideaways of missing items.  We grant renewals to give more time for a reconciliation.  And we’re suitably jubilant when the reunions happen.  When we snap a missing DVD into its case we can almost feel the love!  Occasionally, we just can’t get the breakup back together and have to order a replacement piece or item.  But we’re happy to report that most of these matches have turned out at least as well as the compatibility ratings on eHarmony!

IMG_1685[1]So if you hear our staff singing under our breath, chances are we’ve just brought  some lonely hearts together again and we’re humming along to the oldie –  “We both are so excited , ‘Cause we’re reunited, hey, hey!”