Books are Boring

Okay, before you get really upset with me, let me say this: these are definitely NOT my own words.  I actually overheard this particular phrase from a few teenagers I came across recently.  Obviously I do not agree.  But, to be honest, I felt the exact same way at their age.  All of this reminiscing got me thinking — When exactly is it that some of us no longer appreciate books?  As a young child, I absolutely loved reading.  I would read anything I could get my hands on.  However, as I grew older, somehow I lost it.  It wasn’t until college that I regained my appreciation for books.

Attractive Woman with Her Books

So, how do we get teenagers to really love books?  Well, the first step is getting them into the library, which in itself can be somewhat difficult.  Our library offers monthly teen programs that appeal to teens in middle and high school (Click here to see Teen Events!).

Once you’ve finally gotten them in, it can be quite simple.  Teens frequently can be self-focused.  This is very important to remember when trying to find the right style of book for your teen.  Most teens are likely to want to read about other teens going through the same things as they are.  Another trend in teen books in the recent years are “Dystopian” or novels about a futuristic society or fantasy-style books.  For some other ideas in selecting the right book for your teenager, refer to an online booklist like YALSA’s 2013 Best of the Best YA book lists (Click here for these book lists!).

As you select books with your teen, you can use this time to really get to know them better.  You can definitely learn a lot about who a person is based on the books they like to read.  You could even consider reading the same book and having a book discussion with your teenager.  They may even thank you for it.

Books are boring? Not anymore.