Don’t Be Surprised if You See . . .

At the library, we tend to meet all kinds of people from various walks of life —  it is a great place for people with different interests and backgrounds to come together.  Here is just a sampling of the fascinating people we might meet at the library:

  • The cowboy who likes to read about alternative energy.
  • The child reading “Mein Kampf” (in German, if he can find it).
  • The kid who practically screams when he finds out we have Ninjago movies.
  • The hipsters checking out Metropolis and Nosferatu because “modern film is just so mainstream” (Oh wait, that was me).
  • The man who fell in love with reading while in prison, and needs a library card because now he can’t be without a book.
  • The mother who brings her kids to a children’s event just to have an hour of peace. Smart woman!
  • The patron so worried that we’ll judge her for her 30 cent fine that she has to pay it right now.   (Really, don’t worry about it. We’ve all been there.)
  • And of course, the plain ol’, everyday patron that’s just looking for a good book to readlibrary_research

What interesting people have you met in the library?