Writing a blog sounds easy, right?  You just jot down your thoughts; the whole thing is very informal, and we’ve got several people contributing to the library’s new blog.  So why are we all freaking out just a little bit?

Because it’s harder than it sounds.  Sure, we have a lightning bolt of inspiration every now and then, but regularly coming up with something that’s interesting and read-worthy is a bit of a challenge.  Things that we might find interesting, we know other people might think are totally boring.


Like when I got really excited telling Ann about this book I was reading.  She asked what it was about, and I said, “Well it’s about the history of spelling…” then stopped.  I was excited about a book on the history of spelling.  That’s a pretty small niche, right there.  So when I’m thinking about what to write, I need to remember that you probably wouldn’t care to read the entire etymology of the word “niche,” which by the way, I just looked up.  Ask me the next time you’re in, if you’re curious.

But there are things about the library that we really want to share with you, so we’re giving this blog the ol’ college try.  We’d like to tell you more about what it is that we do, see, and think here at the library.  And we want you to share your experiences with us, as well.  So please, feel free to comment!  Let us know what you think!  (Unless you’re thinking something mean.  I’m pretty sensitive behind this sarcastic exterior.)

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