Frogs, Locusts, and Flies

As the Jewish festival of Passover approaches, the plagues visited on Egypt – remembered either from our Sunday School days or from this film classic  – are recalled with some familiarity.

The Ten Commandments

During my second summer as a McPherson resident (1980), the city was inundated with a plague of miller moths.  Hundreds of them swarmed into our houses, circled the lights, and dropped onto the bed when the lights went out.  What you may not know and most of us are (thankfully) too young to recall, are the other plagues of Biblical proportions that McPherson    endured around the turn of the century.  Toads — McPherson had that;  locusts — got that one too;  flies — yep, been there.


If you want the Egyptian version of the plagues, we have books on that, and  if you want the Charlton Hesston version, we’ve got that too.  But if you’d like information on the McPherson plagues, come look at our files in the McPherson Room, where you can find all things historical about McPherson county!

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