It’s Been a Very Good Five Years!

 Where were you on February 13th, 2009?  Were you one of the hundreds of people who came to the grand re-opening of the library on that day?

It’s five years later and we’re celebrating the still-lovely and spacious surroundings – the beautiful stained glass, the refurbished Sandzen behind the service desk, the doubled space for the collection, the comfortable basement — especially during tornado season!  But we’re also reminiscing about the days and months leading up to February of 2009.

buildingproject6Like any worthwhile endeavor, the remodel was not without headaches and inconveniences – to patrons and staff alike.  Remember having to go to the basement to find children’s books?  And what about the jackhammers running hour after hour.  Who can forget the cold concrete floors and power cords running every direction – for months on end!


If you weren’t here for this phase of the library’s past, just sit back and enjoy the current comforts and conveniences.  If you lived through those growing pains with us five years (and more) ago, thanks for your patience and  your love of the library.  We hope you’ll be on hand to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2019!