Torn Pages: A Tale from Book Repair

IMG_1722This story usually begins with a parent pulling a bashful, sometimes teary-eyed child up to the front desk. The child then confesses to “hurting” or “breaking” the book and apologizes.

If this is your child, don’t worry we see this all the time, its just part of kids learning to read.

More often than not this tale has a happy ending, with a little bit of tape, the book is ready to see another day. But if the injury is more severe, its time to get the glue out.

Once upon a time the glue scared me. I feared gluing the book shut or my hands together. One has occurred the other has not, I’ll let you decide which one.

But one day I decided it was time to be brave and not let the glue defeat me. I knew it was possible to glue pieces back together, and I wanted to see if I could do it.  After some hand wringing and hours of drying, this book lived happily ever after.IMG_1729