I love my job!   What could be better for a book-loving extrovert than working at the service desk?  I not only get to hang out with all sorts of interesting people, but I get to help them find a good read or a new author!

Part of my job is  to help people find answers to their questions — all kinds of questions.  Some might even say quirky questions.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy this part of the jAnns-buttonob too.   Actually, sometimes its been the most entertaining and unforgettable.   However, many times I’ve been flummoxed or just plain puzzled.  Take a look at some of the most interesting queries:

Can you do my taxes?

What kind of haircut should I get since I’m getting hearing aids? (We actually weighed in on this. I couldn’t resist helping a fellow female with a hair problem.)

I need to cash in my 300 pennies..  I’ve done it here before!

Do you sell world maps to put on the wall?

Look at this stain I have on my pants; how do I get it out?

Since we can’t check out the Chilton Car Repair Manuals can I bring my car part in and just work on it in the back of the library?  (I didn’t even know what to say to this one.)

What IS the correct way to cut a tomato?

Do you know if there is a secret database that only Lawyers can see? (We researched this one to the best of our abilities, but then none of us at the service desks are lawyers, so .  .   .  )

I don’t have transportation.  Do you think you could bring me some gum when you get off?

Can I mail my letter here?

I LOVE trying to answer all kinds of questions, especially the quirky ones.  So keep asking and I’ll keep trying to find the answers !







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