Perfection in a Small Box

Cleaning CDs, if we clean them at all, usually involves a quick brush over something soft.  Not so in the case of cleaning LP record albums in the days of high fidelity; for those of us who considered ourselves to be audiophiles, it was almost a ritual!

If you wanted perfectly clean records, you had to buy a Discwasher.  There were other cleaning sprays and d4sponges on the market, but if you were a serious audiophile, you treated them with haughty disdain; the Discwasher was considered to be essential.  Of course, it was expensive — but no cost was too great in the battle against static and dust!

When you first removed it from it’s box, you could tell that this wasn’t some cheap kit from Alco.  The specially engineered cleaning fibers were part of a specially designed foam pad, and that was attached to a specially shaped block of walnut.  When that Discwasher was nestled in your hand, you knew that you had arrived!  It was record cleaning Nirvana.  A few drops of D4 (their specially formulated cleaning solution) on the pad, and you were ready to go!

There was, of course,  a certain procedure for cleaning a record with Discwasher.  (But I will spare you those details.)  As with many things, when it came to perfection in cleaning LP albums, it was about not only the destination but the journey as well!