Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight.  The first time I picked up these books, I was smitten.  I had to read ALL of them!  Fortunately, the tiny library in the small corner of Africa where I lived had plenty on the shelves.  And so began my love affair with books and libraries.


Around age 11, I’d exhausted the children’s department shelves and crossed the line over into a serious affair with some of these author’s books – Nevil Shute, Pearl Buck, Elizabeth Goudge, Alexander Dumas, A. J. Cronin, George Elliot, and Alan Paton.  Some old loves never die, as you can tell by these treasured titles in my personal library.

While I confess to fleeting attractions to new authors and engage in mild flirtation with various genres, I remain in a long-standing committed relationship with the writing of Ann Perry, Rhys Bowen, and Alexander 100_7403McCall Smith – who fortunately churn out at least a couple of books each year.

And recently, I’ve fallen head over heels for Daniel Silva, Wendell Berry, Charles Finch.  I eagerly anticipate their next books like a lovelorn adolescent awaiting a text or phone call from their lastest infatuation.

So, now I want to know about your book love-life.  Who caught your attention as a young reader?  Who captivated you in your teens?  Who is on your current sweetheart author list?  C’mon — kiss and tell!


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