Westward Ho!

Library carts served as our Conestoga wagons last month as we moved the entire fiction collection — all 22,449 books — to different shelves in the fiction IMG_1767area. The hardy pioneers on our staff loaded up carts and made many treks back and forth to get all the books re-shelved. We started at the west end and moved books from almost sun-up to well after sundown each day.

We are grateful that there were no rivers to ford or mountains to cross. The people we met as we traversed back and forth were all very friendly.  And we encountered no more difficulties than a few mis-shelved titles and reversed signs. Judging by our weariness when we slid the last book on the shelf, we felt like we’d made it halfway across the continent!

IMG_1777In case you’re trying to find the new homes of all these books, we have handy maps to help you forge your way westwards too!  And we have excellent tour guides available at the front desk to help you in your journey.  Happy travels through the new fiction stacks!

collection plan