Dick, Jane, and Puff(s)

I remember the first word I “read” on my own outside of school.  I was looking at a tissue box and exclaimed, ” Mom, it says PUFFS!”

We didn’t live near the town library, but we did live within walking distance of our elementary school, where once a month the Book Mobile would park after school.  I must have been quite young because dick jane and puffI remember having a little trouble getting up the steps of the motor coach, and  I can still  see the little benches built into the wall, feel the coziness of such a small space packed with books, and hear the kind librarian say, ” You need to make your choice NOW —  it’s time we were on our way!”  I would have spent the night there if possible!

I must admit that when required school reading took hold I lost enthusiasm. In fact all the way through college and beyond I  swore off books.  What pulled me back, you ask?  Becoming a Mother.   I thought it was probably a good idea to encourage our son to read, so I began reading to him daily.  As we explored the wonderful world of children’s literature an amazing  thing happened; I began to want to read for me!  Slowly I figured out that I could read whatever I was in the mood for.  I could  quit reading something BEFORE I finished it.  I even discovered cookbooks at the Pasadena Public Library.  Who knew?

Getting a part time job at the McPherson Public Library sealed my fate; surrounded by books and book lovers I joined the ranks of those who live to read.  Now I can’t imagine not having two or three books going at a time or curling up on my window seat after a hard day to unwind with a good book.  I’ve even got an audio book going most of the time.  The journey that began with Dick, Jane and Puff took me to Library Assistant.  Who knew?







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