Nat’l Library Week: We Can Get That for You!

I hate telling people no.  Or pets for that matter, as my spoiled dog would tell you if he could talk.  But I really, really hate it when I have to answer someone with the negative.

Which is one reason I love inter-library loans (ILL).

Our library collection is, by physical and monetary necessity, limited.  We can only have so many books.  But when you get almost every single library in Kansas together, that collection expands exponentially.

So if you’re looking for a book and can’t find it in our catalog, don’t give up just yet. Go to our website, then click on Resources and then the Kansas Library Catalog, like below.


Click for a larger image!

That will take you to (surprise!) the Kansas Library Catalog.  Just click begin, and then you can start searching!  Once you find the title you want, click “Request This Item” and fill out all the information as indicated.  Then click “Submit.”

Request this itemILLsubmit







That’s it! The item usually comes in a week or two; we’ll call you to let you know when it comes in.  Then you can pick it up at your wonderful, local McPherson Public Library and be on your merry little way!

If this is all a bit much for you, stop by the library and we can walk you through it.  Our goal is to answer in the positive, and ILL is a great way to expand our ability to do so!