Reading Spaces

hammockWhere do you most like to read?  Do you read nonfiction in a different location or in a different position than you do fiction?   Where do you read magazines or catalogs, or the newspaper?

I like to read in my window seat in the late afternoon, in my living room swing (although the lighting needs an upgrade), in bed, lying in my outside swing under our huge tree, in the car on long trips, in the airport while people watching, and during commercials while watching hulu.

The library is a wonderful place you could add to your list.    You can sit at a round table and spread out the paper, snuggle into a comfy chair with your favorite author, or get down to business at one of the study carrels.   You can even bring your reading device and read in the beautiful quietness.  It’s well lit, spacious — and what could be better than being surrounded by books?

Let me be a voice that says . . . come try reading in our space.