Flying Mustaches . . .

diggersMy little boy loves to read books.  It really has nothing to do with me or the fact that I am a children’s librarian.  He has always loved them.  When he was younger he loved them so much that he would eat them at night if we left them in his bed.

We learned quickly not to leave library books in his bed —  after all, how would it look if the children’s librarian had to pay for damaged children’s books?  Now he enjoys looking at the pictures  and predicting what will happen next.  Recently, when reading the book The Diggers are Coming, by Susan Steggall,  we were talking about what we can see in the pictures,  and my little boy noticed that almost all of the construction workers had mustaches.  Later in the book, when we looked at a particular picture and I asked what he could see in the sky he said .   . . mustaches! Digger PictureApparently a big Kansas wind blew the workers mustaches right off!!!  So when you drive down First Street with all of the construction, make sure you look out for flying mustaches.

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