Read it Again, Pam

For years and years, I belonged to that group of people who could not see the sense in reading a book more than once.  With so many books in the world just waiting to be read, why take the time to read something to which you’ve already given bookstackyour attention?  The last page is turned, you hold the closed book in your hand, and it’s time to move on.

My Dad had his shelf of favorite books, and he always said that reading one of them was like visiting with an old friend.  My wife, Pam, routinely re-reads favorite books, and I suppose that her behavior has influenced me over the years.  I now find myself returning to particular books from my past on occasion, and enjoying them very much.  Perhaps it’s the way that reading a particular book makes me feel.  Or perhaps it’s because I always gain new insights into it.  I usually pick up details that I failed to glean during my first reading.

So I am now a member of the re-reading club.  I will confess to having read or listened to  The Great Gatsby probably seven times.  And there are other books that I enjoy returning to.  They are indeed like old friends, and time spent with them is no less rewarding than at the first meeting.

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