An Old Photography Shop

People request all sorts of information at the library:  from the mundane to the downright strange, we get them all.  Just this last month, I received an email requesting a number from the McPherson Telephone Directory from 1947.


The man was writing a book set in McPherson during that era and wanted to be as historically accurate as he could, even if his character was just making a simple phone call.

He went on to tell us that he had lived here in town for about two years as a child but could not find any information from the schools to confirm his memories. However, he was certain his dad ran a small photography studio while here.

We were pleased to confirm that yes indeed he was remembering correctly. N ot only did we find a listing for his phone number and residence during that time but also an advertisement for his father’s shop.

Picture1His father offered a wide variety of options from portraits to aerial shots, and the one that really caught my eye: MOTION PICTURES!  Not to shabby for a “small photography studio” on Main Street in McPherson in 1947.

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