Nat’l Library Week: Libraries and Art

Libraries and art have always shared a special bond.  Even from the times of the earliest libraries, art was incorporated into the space — and the very architecture of the buildings was art.  While the design of most libraries today doesn’t inspire the same degree of breathless awe as some of their Renaissance ancestors, art is very much a part of many public libraries in America.

Cabo San Lucas, by Jennifer Randall . Oil on linen.

Cabo San Lucas, by Jennifer Randall . Oil on linen.

As we collect the written record of humanity, so to do we house other forms of human expression, such as recorded music, and of course, the visual arts.  Most public libraries have exhibit space, ranging from a small area somewhere in the reading room to a large gallery.  The McPherson Public Library is no exception.  Our public meeting room also doubles as an art gallery.

Shows typically run either one or two months, and as the person responsible for acquiring the shows, I’m always on the lookout for new artists and photographers.  Our current exhibit, which runs until April 25, features oil paintings by Jennifer Randall, who maintains studios both in Hutchinson and in San Luis Obispo, California.  Randall’s bold colors and large canvases have won quite a few fans among our patrons.

Winter Playground, by Rich Thibodeau.  Acrylic on linen.

Winter Playground, by Rich Thibodeau. Acrylic on linen.

In May and June, we will host a show of  Giclée prints by Rich Thibodeau, who is one of the most nationally-known artist to ever to exhibit at the library.  Thibodeau was honored this month in Santa Fe as one of the founding artists of the Santa Fe Armory Show, now in its 35th year.

You can count on the McPherson Public Library to continue finding artists whose work is unique and inspirational!

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