“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya!”


Sierra Gant reads to Jamaican children.

One of our student workers just returned from a vacation to Jamaica. While rearranging the staff schedule to cover her absence, I was a more than a tiny bit jealous of her — sun, sand, palms swaying in the breeze.  I could just picture her returning with a gorgeous tan, a Caribbean lilt to her speech, and humming the famous Beach Boys tune.

But on her first day back, what did she share with us?  Not a mocktail with a cute little umbrella in it  – although that would have been welcomed!  Instead, she raved about the time she spent reading books to Jamaican children as part of a literacy venture.  I’ve supervised the team of McPherson Public’s library pages for over 15 years, and I continue to be amazed at the level of commitment and spirit of volunteerism these young people demonstrate.  They’ve been involved in the Ulster Project, Relay for Life, the Humane Society, Community Theater, local churches, and more. As their mentor and model, it forces me to ask myself, “So, Jennie, where are you going on vacation this year?”

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