Going to the Dogs This Summer

When local teacher, Mary Jo Staab, volunteered to come to the library each week this summer with her therapy dog, we jumped at the chance to make it happen. Callie is a beautiful black labrador with a sweet, friendly disposition.  She’s also a highly trained therapy dog who works in the local school district. callie Mary Jo lamented to the library staff that the summer is very hard on Callie because she misses the school kids so much and starts to pine.  What a great opportunity to match Callie with eager summer readers!

This week Mary Jo explained to a group of interested listeners at the library what Callie’s work day looks like and how she helps kids in the local schools.  Callie recently helped to free a child from a locked bathroom stall and frequently gives loving attention to kids who have experienced a crisis or other negative event.  Mary Jo also described the training that Callie went through at the CARES organization in Concordia, KS where specialized service dogs of many types are raised and trained.

Callie will be at the library every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m.this summer for patrons to drop by, read to her, or just interact with her.  We’re giving the “dog days of summer” a whole new meaning!