The Book Business

Quirk Books in Philadelphia.

Quirk Books in Philadelphia.

Libraries and bookstores share much in common, and librarians have been known to jump ship and dive into the bookstore business, either as owners or employees.  I also know a few librarians who formerly were associated with bookstores.  Sometimes, a person just can’t get enough books!

Those who have lived in McPherson a while may remember the Lions Club Book Sale, an annual event at which the members of the club hauled an amazing number of used books into the community building and sold them to raise money for their projects.  While no organization has stepped in to fill that void, I must admit that, like it or not, the public library has found itself more involved in the book business.

We now hold two book sales each year — one in the summer (upcoming on this Friday June 13th and throughout the weekend) and one in December.  Some of these books have been withdrawn from our collection, while others are donated titles that we will not add to the collection.  We sell only books that are in good condition or better.

Sorting through the donations and weeded titles to be sold makes for an interesting task.  Which ones will sell?  Which ones will be left on the carts?  Of course, it’s the same as wondering how many times the books I purchase for the library will circulate — except that these (hopefully) won’t be returning!  And then the question sometimes pops in my mind, “What would it be like being in the bookstore business?”  But I quickly return to the task at hand.  Our book sales are more than enough of the book business for me.