Crazy Busy!!!


Miss Liz

Miss Liz gets the kids up and going

Summer is busy.  We get that.  But the new phrase I’m hearing is “crazy busy.”  As in, “I’m sorry I can’t make it to your birthday party, we’re just crazy busy right now!” My question is, when does “busy” become “crazy busy?”  Is there an intrinsic level of insanity that reaches a tipping point?

Miss Mandy

Miss Mandy shares a laugh with a patron while getting ready for the next day’s activities

The truth is, it gets a little “crazy busy” at the library from time to time.  Everyone (including us) seems to think that there is more time in the summer, so we try to do everything at once.  People check out more books; we’re more likely to go to events, at the library or elsewhere; parents bring their kids in just because oh my goodness I need to get them out of the house! 

The ladies in the children’s department NEVER stop moving!  Between running events and story times, keeping up with the Summer Reading rewards program, and this year all of the science experiments you can take home or do right in the library, sometimes I wonder when those women sleep!

Miss Abby

Miss Abby fills in the robots with readers’ names

Seriously though, if you haven’t thanked Miss Mandy, Miss Liz, and Miss Abby for everything they do, stop by the children’s desk.  Meet them if you haven’t yet, because they’re all friendly and would love to say hi!  Let them know how much we all appreciate them.

But, just so we’re clear: please don’t call them crazy.  They would not appreciate that.



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