Christmas in July

I love looking on Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs, etc. to get great new ideas for Children’s programming in the library.  Sometime at the beginning of the summer, I read a post about “Bedtime Math”.  Well I love math, so I was intrigued and more than a little excited to learn more.

As I read about “Bedtime Math” and “Crazy 8s” I decided this was something I must do and as a bonus they would send us some free stuff in the mail. Even better .  .  . who doesn’t love getting free stuff in the mail?  So I signed up, not really expecting a lot; maybe a few worksheets to copy and some ideas for programming.  Well look what came in July.

Crazy 8s

Fully planned programs for 8 weeks of “Bedtime Math” for Preschoolers (4 weeks), K-2 and 3-5 and most of the stuff we would need to do the programs too. O joyous day!!!!!  After months of scanning Pinterest and blogs to find ideas for summer reading program now we have two months of fall programs already planned.  We are so excited about starting this awesome program in September and we hope to have a good group of kids for a fun math program.  Even Liz — who is not the biggest math fan — can’t wait.  Right Liz!?!