And Steve said, “Let there be sound!”

You may have noticed that our internet stations look just a bit different now. In fact, you may have noticed because you came in to use one last week and the computers were flat out gone.  Sorry!


The screen looks a bit different, but its a bit more user friendly :)

But here’s why they were gone: we upgraded them!  Our old system had been limping along for a year or so with more problems than we could count.  But now. . . ah, but now!

There are still some glitches, we know.  There always are when anything changes. But we try to focus on the good things.

For example, if you try to watch that YouTube video of the cat playing a piano, you can actually hear the music in a steady stream!  You can use a flash drive without the staff having to restart three computers to get it to work.  And of course, the staff are still available for help if you need it.

Fatso, the piano-playing cat

Fatso, the piano-playing cat

So please, excuse our progress.  We try so hard to make this library relevant and helpful, but sometimes that involves a slight inconvenience along the way. So please, if you print 58 color pages from our new terminals and a staff member has to get out a calculator to add it up, just remember: we’re word people.  Numbers is not our game.