And Another One’s Gone

Adelie Penguins Standing on IceThe merger of the Random House Publishing Group and Penguin has shaken up the publishing industry, as the independent publishers continue to be merged with or acquired by larger fish.  The new publishing monolith now has control over some 250 publishing imprints which were, at one time, all independent publishers.

Most authors don’t view it as good news, as it means there continue to be fewer publishing houses competing for or interested in their books.  Random House is not a favorite with librarians either, as their refusal to sell many popular eBook titles – and exorbitant pricing for those that are available – has significantly hampered libraries’ ability to offer quality eContent to patrons.

Penguin was a British company with a reputation for publishing good books, and the merger isn’t playing well on their side of the Atlantic, where it is being described as a takeover.  Penguin’s headquarters has already been moved from London to New York.  The buck stops in Germany, however, as the Random House Publishing Group is owned by the publishing giant Bertelsmann.

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