“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya!”

One of our student workers just returned from a vacation to Jamaica. While rearranging the staff schedule to cover her absence, I was a more than a tiny bit jealous of her — sun, sand, palms swaying in the breeze.  I could just picture her returning with a gorgeous tan, a Caribbean


The Book Business

Libraries and bookstores share much in common, and librarians have been known to jump ship and dive into the bookstore business, either as owners or employees.  I also know a few librarians who formerly were associated with bookstores.  Sometimes, a person just can’t get enough books! Those who have lived in McPherson


It’s All in How You Phrase It

Do you ever get so attached to the characters you’re reading about that you begin to care for them as if they were real people?  Recently I was listening to the audiobook version of To Kill a Mockingbird and inadvertently created a plot twist that did not exist.  I must admit, I


Words, Words, Words!

I love words. Absolutely LOVE them! So here’s a list of a few of my favorites (emphasis on few), along with a brief, sometimes Rachelized definition. macabre – gruesome or horrifying, often used in reference to death lugubrious – gloomy or dismal, especially in an exaggerated manner; frequently used in reference to my mood


Spark a Reaction at MPL!

Schoooool’s out for the summer!  Finally!  It’s here! SUMMER BREAK!  This means teens will have A LOT of time on their hands. However, have no fear! Each week in June and July, we will have some awesome things going on just for teens (6th-12th grade)! And they’re all FREE! Check out the


The Supreme Sacrifice

Memorial Day rolls around again. Many of us will make a trek to a cemetery to place flowers on the headstones of relatives and friends long departed. Somehow it all seems remote and distant — those long gone saints and heroes. But the past came back with haunting echoes recently as I


Mandy and Liz on the Road

Mrs. Mandy and Mrs. Liz visited each of the 4 public elementary schools last week to talk about the library summer reading program. Boo bubbles, made with dry ice, were a big hit.  We hope to see many kids this summer as we celebrate with weekly science themes including electricity, magnets and


It’s in the Bottle

One of the rewards of being a librarian is that I get to select the new books for the adult collection.  I’m always on the lookout for non-fiction that is unique, and I think that I have located one of the most unique books of the year.  A Collector’s Guide to Kansas


Don’t Judge, But DO Try it!

Sometimes you may look at a book and think, “Nah.  That cover art looks so boring!  I won’t even bother looking at it.”  But then you somehow hear about it; perhaps from a friend, on the radio, maybe even reviews in a magazine or newspaper.  It actually sounds kind of interesting.  You


Librarians as Control-F Keys

I remember the days when people came to the front desk asking us to look up the capitol city of Azerbaijan or the lines of a Kipling poem. And we actually looked those things up in BOOKS!  What role is left for library staff to play in an era where this kind