Front Page News

I was looking for an obituary a few days ago that I knew would be somewhere in late August of 1941.  Maybe early September, if the paper was slow getting the news.  But here’s the thing about searching through the microfilm of old newspapers:  you can’t not read the headlines. And this


The Good News from Africa

Africa, the land where I spent the first 18 years of my life, conjures modern images of suffering, conflict, and poverty.  Darfur, disease, genocide, ruthless dictators, blood diamonds, land mines, famines — we’ve all seen the headlines. And yet, Africa continues to show it’s sunnier face in some of the new books written by sons,


Reading Spaces

Where do you most like to read?  Do you read nonfiction in a different location or in a different position than you do fiction?   Where do you read magazines or catalogs, or the newspaper? I like to read in my window seat in the late afternoon, in my living room swing (although the


Nat’l Library Week: Libraries and Art

p5rn7vb Libraries and art have always shared a special bond.  Even from the times of the earliest libraries, art was incorporated into the space — and the very architecture of the buildings was art.  While the design of most libraries today doesn’t inspire the same degree of breathless awe as some of their


Nat’l Library Week: We Can Get That for You!

I hate telling people no.  Or pets for that matter, as my spoiled dog would tell you if he could talk.  But I really, really hate it when I have to answer someone with the negative. Which is one reason I love inter-library loans (ILL). Our library collection is, by physical and monetary necessity, limited. 


Nat’l Library Week: It’s a Blue Planet

One feature of our Children’s Library which is easy to overlook is the Blue Planet Globe.  Housed in a dark plexiglass case, the globe is designed to simulate the earth rotating in space.   A small electric motor inside the globe turns it so that each rotation equals 24 hours.  A light inside the globe


Nat’l Library Week: The McPherson Room

Researching your family history?  Desperately trying to remember the last name of that old high school chum?  Devastatingly curious about the tunnels that supposedly exist under the streets of McPherson? The McPherson Room is the place for you!  So much more than a stuffy room full of dusty books, The McPherson Room


Nat’l Library Week: Get Real with MPL Staff

National Library Week is in full swing, and we are inviting you to “Get Real” at the McPherson Public Library! What does that mean exactly?  Well this year, we wanted to show you what we as a library are all about — and that includes our staff. With that being said, who better


Read it Again, Pam

For years and years, I belonged to that group of people who could not see the sense in reading a book more than once.  With so many books in the world just waiting to be read, why take the time to read something to which you’ve already given your attention?  The last page is


Flying Mustaches . . .

My little boy loves to read books.  It really has nothing to do with me or the fact that I am a children’s librarian.  He has always loved them.  When he was younger he loved them so much that he would eat them at night if we left them in his bed.