Gung Hay Fat Choy!

This phrase means “May you become prosperous!” in Chinese.  Why exactly am I speaking Chinese, you ask?  In honor of Chinese New Year, of course! Chinese New Year begins on Friday, January 31st this year.  And in celebration, we will be holding a Chinese New Year Party here at the library just


This is Not Your Father’s Bookmark

Why is it that when you need a bookmark in a hurry, the one your friend gave you or the one you just picked up at the library — or the beautiful one you made –  are nowhere to be found?    I got to thinking about this the other day when I found


You Can Check That Out From the Library?

I hear that quite a lot in reference to our toy collection.  TOY COLLECTION?  That’s right, the McPherson Public Library has toys that are available for check out.  Our collection started in 1974, and our library was one of the first public libraries in the nation to provide toys and learning games for checkout.  We have toys available for


The Strange Case of the Letter “P”

Many of you know that, beginning in the early summer, I have been spending time in our adult fiction stacks, separating the general fiction collection into new reading genres.  As I have made my way through the collection, starting with books by authors whose last names begin with “A”, I have noticed


The Library Lonely Hearts Club

Here is the saddest shelf in the library. It’s where incomplete returned items sit, mourning the loss of their significant other - a DVD case missing a disc, an audiobook missing a CD, a toy missing a piece, a music CD missing liner notes.  You get the picture – the Library Lonely Hearts Club!



Writing a blog sounds easy, right?  You just jot down your thoughts; the whole thing is very informal, and we’ve got several people contributing to the library’s new blog.  So why are we all freaking out just a little bit? Because it’s harder than it sounds.  Sure, we have a lightning bolt


Books are Boring

Okay, before you get really upset with me, let me say this: these are definitely NOT my own words.  I actually overheard this particular phrase from a few teenagers I came across recently.  Obviously I do not agree.  But, to be honest, I felt the exact same way at their age.  All


The Things we do for Books

During the lifetime of a book, it receives a lot of wear and tear.  When it’s your favorite book, the coffee ring on the cover and the dog-eared corners don’t matter.  Neither do those few pages you may scotch taped just to hold it all together.  But here at the library, when I


The Library Laundry

I had an epiphany a few days ago. When I mentioned it to Ann, one of our Library Assistants, she gave me a wise, knowing smile, but I had never thought of it before. At the library, calling patrons to notify them that we are holding reserved books for them is like


And Another One’s Gone

The merger of the Random House Publishing Group and Penguin has shaken up the publishing industry, as the independent publishers continue to be merged with or acquired by larger fish.  The new publishing monolith now has control over some 250 publishing imprints which were, at one time, all independent publishers. Most authors