Book Lists for Kids
If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid . . .

Alvin Ho series, by Lenore Look     J Look
Attack of the Mutant Underwear, by Tom Birdseye     J Birdseye
Babymouse series, by Jennifer Holm     J Holm
Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading   J Greenwald
Cockroach Cooties, by Laurence Yep     J Yep
The Diary of Melanie Martin, by Carol Weston     J Weston
Ellie McDoodle series, by Ruth Barshaw     J Barshaw
Franny K. Stein series, by Jim Benton     J Blue Dot Benton
Great Brain series, by John D. Fitzgerald     J Fitzgerald
Hank Zipzer series, by Henry Winkler     J Winkler
Horace Splattly series, by Lawrence David     J David
The Last Invisible Boy, by Evan Kuhlman     J Kuhlman
Martin Bridge series, by Jessica Scott Kerrin     J Kerrin
Marvin Redpost series, by Louis Sachar     J Blue Dot Sachar
Melvin Beederman series, by Greg Trine     J Trine
Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf, by Jennifer L. Holm     YA Holm
My Life as a Fifth Grade Comedian, by Elizabeth Levy     J Levy
My Weird School series, by Dan Gutman     JP Weirdschool
Riot Brothers series, by Mary Amato     J Amato
Sardine in Outer Space series, by Emmanuel Guibert     J Guibert
Shredderman, by Wendelin Van Draanen     J VanDraanen
Stink series, by Megan McDonald     J McDonald
Wayside School series, by Louis Sachar     J Sachar

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