The McPherson Public Library Genealogy Index

Your guide to some 30,000 obituaries and other information about residents of

the City of McPherson and McPherson County

from 1872 to the present

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See the bottom of this page for search tips and how to obtain copies of obituaries


Search Tips

1)  Do not include too much information in your search form - it is better to start out general and narrow your seach if needed.

2)  The search engine will search for text you input in the name fields anywhere in those fields.  For example, if you input "olt" in the last name search box, it will return results not only for Olt, but Oltmann, Colter, Holt, etc. as well.

3)  While the birth date range and age range are powerful fields to use in a search, please note that some of this information was typically missing from the early obituaries, and those records will not be included in your list of hits if you use those search fields.


How to Obtain copies of Obituaries

If you live in the McPherson area, stop by the library, and we will be happy to assist you in locating the obituaries. Cost for copies is 10 cents per page.


If you are unable to visit the library and find names in our index for which you would like copies of the obituary, please:  
email -- please click on this link to email us us      
-- (620) 245-2570     
or write -- McPherson Public Library, 214 W. Marlin, McPherson, KS  67460

If you provide us with the name, newspaper title, and date of the obituary, the cost is $2.00 per obituary.



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