About the Project
The McPherson Public Library started the McPherson Photo Album Project as a way to tell the story of our city and county through images by making its archive of photographs and digital photograph collection more easily accessible by everyone.  The size of this photograph album increases regularly, as members of the public donate photos or allow us to scan photos in their collections.


Search Tips
Every effort has been made to insure that searching the album is as easy as possible. Users may search using many different data fields, but remember: for the best search results, start out using general terms and narrow them down if needed.

The most important thing to remember when searching is that our search engine will locate only photograhs containing all of the search terms you enter.  For example, if search for Decade: 1910's and Keyword: parade, it will show you photographs of parades in the 1910's, not all parades or all photos taken in the 1910's.

Specifics by search option
Location: Allows you to limit your search to specific cities, or rural areas.

Image Date: Enter a year if you are searching for images taken in a specific year, otherwise, use the Decade option, as the specific date of many images is unknown.

Decade: Allows you to limit your search by a particular decade.

Keywords: Searches the text of the description for each item.  You may enter more than one keyword, but the search engine will search for only images with all of those keywords in the description.  Also note that the Keyword search will search for the term you enter within words.  By entering parade, you will locate records with both parade and parades in the record.

Subject: Although an image may encompass several different subject headings, only one has been selected as a main subject. If you are unsure of which keyword to use, or if you would like to see more photographs from a particular subject, select it from the dropdown.

Collection: Narrows the scope of the search to images within a specific collection of the repository institution.


Ordering Reproductions
Reproductions of most images in the McPherson Photo Album are available in both photo paper and digital formats for a charge of $15 per image.  Please include a description of the images, as well as the Photo ID number in all correspondence. Some images in the collections have reproduction restrictions.  Please see contact details at the bottom of this page.


Copyright & Permissions
The McPherson Public Library provides these images for educational and research purposes as a service to the public.  It is acceptable to download images from The McPherson Photo Album for personal use if the image is attributed to the public library.  This does not confer in any way the permission to publish the image.

Publishing images from this site -- whether in printed or digital format -- is prohibited without a signed permission document from the library.  Please see contact details at the bottom of this page.


Add Your Photos!
Historic images of our city and the county continue to fade away and disintegrate from the ravages of time. If you have historic photographs of McPherson and would like to donate them the the McPherson Public Library -- or allow us to scan them for inclusion in our digital collection, please contact us for more information.


Contact Us

McPherson Public Library
214 W. Marlin
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(620) 245-2570
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