The McPherson Public Library provides this PC with Internet connectivity as a service to our patrons. We do not monitor nor do we have control over the information accessed through the Internet and are not responsible for its content. The Internet is an unregulated medium and library patrons use it at their own risk.

Internet & Computer Usage Policy

The Internet terminals are available during library hours on a first-come, first-serve and reservation basis. Patrons with reservations must report within 5 minutes of their scheduled time.

Number of People at Workstation
Given concerns about safety, access, and personal space, internet workstations are limited to use and viewing by only one person at a time, unless a parent is required for supervision of a child. No patrons are allowed to stand around or behind the terminals. Patrons who plan to have an infant or very young child with them must hold the infant on their lap at their seat. Strollers and infant carriers cannot be placed around the internet stations if they impede the flow of traffic or are a safety hazzard.  If the infant’s behavior becomes disruptive the patron may be asked to sign out. Groups of two persons may be accommodated at the ADA terminal. Please inquire at the desk about this option.

Time Limits
The time limit per session on the Internet terminals is 30 minutes per day, with an extension of      . No patrons may exceed 60 minutes of Internet time per day.

Staff Assistance
Library staff cannot provide in-depth Internet training or consultation.

Pornographic or Objectionable Images
The Internet workstation is in a public area frequented by library patrons of all ages. In accordance with KSA 21-4301, Persons who view images on the monitor which are pornographic or objectionable will be warned to cease. If they continue in doing so, they will be restricted from using the workstation.

The playing of any video, sound file, or any other application where sound is being broadcast from the PC speaker is prohibited.  All users must use personal sound listening devices to listen to sound content.  Earphones are available for purchase at the service desk.

The software on the computer is for in-library use only and may not be copied or circulated. It may not be changed or modified in any way, even temporarily. Patrons who experience problems with the software should report them to the service desk as soon as possible. No additional software may be brought in and installed on the PC.

Patrons must bring their own flash  drives for downloading.  Flash drives may be purchased at the service desk.

If a patron wishes to print a document, there is a charge of 10 cents per page charge for black & white copies and a 15 cents per page charge for color copies. Patrons must pay for copies at the service desk before they are printed.

Anyone who refuses to cooperate with the staff in complying with any of these guidelines will not be allowed to use the PCs.