McPherson Public Library Foundation Repair

Construction Starts on May 18th With More Details to Follow


The McPherson Public Library will be under construction in order to repair the building’s foundation issues. After much discussion, a date was given and things are moving quickly! Outside construction will begin on May 18th and should not affect inside operations yet.

A foundation company will be outside working to install piers in the ground to better support the foundation of the library. Parking will be limited on the south west corner of the library as well as directly north in the city’s lot. Once the piers are installed, the work will come inside which will include foam jacking and carpet repairs. More information about inside work and possible closing dates will be released when more information is known.

We are very excited that this problem is getting fixed for the safety of our building and patrons and will be working on still making it the best summer reading program we can! Events originally scheduled inside the library in June will be pushed to July and we will have some amazing pop-up events out in the community in June so watch our website’s summer reading page to stay up to date at

Construction is always sometime unfortunate but will make our building stronger for years to come! Please be sure to follow us on social media and watch our website for up-to-date information! We will keep update you as the process continues and when we know more.

Thank you in advance for your patience!