The MPL Historical Business Database is a fully searchable resource of business and professional entities in the City of McPherson from its start in 1872 to the present.

This resource is made possible by The McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund.

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

Search Tips

Don’t include too much information in your search form – it’s better to start out general and narrow your search if needed.

Business Name: This field contains the name of the business or professional. You do not need to enter the complete name of the entity. Entering “Almen”, for example, will return results for the Almen-Lovett Drug Company as well as the Annabil & Almen Drug Company.

Associated Name: This field contains the name or names of any known owners or proprietors. Entering “Almen”, for example, will return the results for Gust Almen, an owner of the above mentioned drug stores.

Business Type: This search field has a dropdown menu which allows you to select from all of the different business types found in the database.

Location: This field refers to the street address. Do not input periods or “St.”
Enclose all Location searches in quotation marks.
Examples of valid Street address searches are:
“114 N Main”
“1602 Oak Park Dr”
“109 1/2 S Main”
“S Main”

The results page will display the Business Name, Business Type, and a date or date range within which it was known to be in existence. The results automatically will be sorted by Business Name, but to sort by the other fields, click on the title for each column. Click on the blue Details link at the end of each line for additional information.