The McPherson Photo Album is a collection of some 3,500 historic photographic images encompassing the City of McPherson and McPherson County.  It represents not only the collection of the McPherson Public Library but also partnerships with area historians and museums.

This resource is made possible by The McPherson Public Library Endowment Fund.

Search Tips

Every effort has been made to insure that searching the album is as easy as possible. Users may search using many different data fields, but note that, for the best search results, start out using general terms and narrow them down if needed.

The most important thing to remember when searching is that our search engine will locate only photograhs containing all of the search terms you enter. For example, if search for Decade: 1910’s and Keyword: parade, it will show you photographs of parades in the 1910’s, not all parades or all photos taken in the 1910’s.

Location: Allows you to limit your search to specific cities, or rural areas.

Image Date: Enter a year if you are searching for images taken in a specific year, otherwise, use the Decade option, as the specific date of many images is unknown.

Decade: Allows you to limit your search by a particular decade.

Keywords: Searches the text of the description for each item. You may enter more than one keyword, but the search engine will search for only images with all of those keywords in the description. Also note that the Keyword search will search for the term you enter within words. By entering parade, you will locate records with both parade and parades in the record.

Subject: Although an image may encompass several different subject headings, only one has been selected as a main subject. If you are unsure of which keyword to use, or if you would like to see more photographs from a particular subject, select it from the dropdown.

Collection: Narrows the scope of the search to images within a designated collection of the public library.