Master Index by Last Name A - B

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Abel, Silas Harvey1879King CityVol 3 Part A
Achilles, Charles1884Little ValleyVol 4 Part A
Achilles, Henry Frederick1872Little ValleyVol 2 Part A
Ade, George & Anna1898Gypsum CreekVol 7 Part A
Adell, Carl Charles Gustaf1881UnionVol 1 Part A
Aelmore, Augustus1873BonavilleVol 5 Part A
Agrelius, Augustus Eugene1877Smoky HillVol 7 Part A
Ahlstedt, Carl Gustav & Emma1888Smoky HillVol 5 Part A
Ahlstedt, Carl Gustus Anton1888Smoky HillVol 9
Aitken, Rebecca (Caruthers)1878McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Aitken, William M1878SuperiorVol 8 Part A
Akers, Erastus Jeremiah1890HarperVol 6 Part A
Aldrin, John1871Smoky HillVol 5 Part A
Alger, Earl L & Marge1882CastleVol 7 Part A
All, Danial1885King CityVol 4 Part A
Almgren, John Fredrick1876New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Almstrom, Oscar Emil (Rev)1892McPhersonVol 6 Part A
Altman, Samuel1873MoundVol 2 Part A
Anderson, (Israel) John1868Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Anderson, Anders1874New GottlandVol 5 Part A
Anderson, Clara Mathilda (Johnson)1878McPhersonVol 7 Part A
Anderson, Elias Gustaf1884McPhersonVol 5 Part A
Anderson, Gustaf1868Smoky HillVol 6 Part A
Anderson, James1887Gypsum CreekVol 6 Part A
Anderson, John B1877New GottlandVol 6 Part A
Anderson, John Bryce1888Gypsum CreekVol 6 Part A
Anderson, John H 1880DelmoreVol 3 Part A
Anderson, John M & Anna1874MarquetteVol 6 Part A
Anderson, John Wictor & May Emma1878DelmoreVol 7 Part A
Anderson, Oscar N 1884McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Anderson, Svan Edward1870MarquetteVol 8 Part A
Anderson, Victor1879New GottlandVol 4 Part A
Anderson, Wilhelmina (Carlson)1878DelmoreVol 7 Part A
Anderson-Blomberg, Nils Fredrick1866BonavilleVol 5 Part A
Arnold, John1878New GottlandVol 6 Part A
Aschman, Christian Karl1874SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Ash, Mansfield1875BonavilleVol 4 Part A
Aurell, Franc Oscar1884McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Aurell, John Erick1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Aurell, Selma (Brandt)1883Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Bacon, Charles (Case)1878DelmoreVol 7 Part A
Baird, Olin Wilbur (Dr)1881MarquetteVol 5 Part A
Baldwin, Wilbur C 1873HayesVol 2 Part A
Ball, Albert Thomas1882GrovelandVol 8 Part A
Balzer, Peter1874SuperiorVol 5 Part A
Banks, Benson Leroy1873Battle HillVol 7 Part A
Banks, Charles West1871Gypsum CreekVol 7 Part A
Banks, Elisha J1873Gypsum CreekVol 7 Part A
Banks, Morgan1871Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part A
Barber, Frederick E 1879McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Barber, Joshua Watts1877Little ValleyVol 9
Barnes, John J 1874EmpireVol 8 Part A
Barnum, William Calvin sr 1873CantonVol 2 Part A
Bartels, Herman1873SuperiorVol 2 Part A
Bartels, Phillip Henry (Dr)1870Gypsum Creek Vol 3 Part A
Baxter, Bessie Mae1905McPhersonVol 9
Beam, Frank K1897McPhersonVol 7 Part A
Bean, James William1873UnionVol 3 Part A
Beattie, Robert Thomas1886JacksonVol 5 Part A
Beck, John1873New GottlandVol 6 Part A
Becker, Andrew P1875MoundVol 7 Part A
Becker, Benjamin P 1877Lone TreeVol 4 Part A
Becker, Peter1875Lone TreeVol 4 Part A
Becker, Tobias A 1888Lone TreeVol 8 Part A
Beechwood, Fredrick & Christina1869Gypsum CreekVol 5 Part A
Bengston, Bengt Frederic & Gustava1880HayesVol 3 Part A
Bengtson, Andrew1873McPhersonVol 2 Part A
Bengtson, Elias1883Smoky HillVol 9
Bentson, Olof T1875DelmoreVol 2 Part A
Berg, Andrew V 1882HayesVol 4 Part A
Berg, Gustaf Adolf1884UnionVol 9
Berg, Gustaf Adolph1884UnionVol 4 Part A
Bergen, Anna  (see Anna Esau)   
Berggren, Andrew1871New GottlandVol 7 Part A
Beutler, Peter & Anna1876MoundVol 6 Part A
Beyer, Henry J 1879GrovelandVol 3 Part A
Birkenbuel, Elizabeth  (see Elizabeth Tuxhorn)   
Bixby, Henry Harrison1877McPhersonVol 2 Part A
Björk, August Anderson   (see August Anderson Burk)   
Bjorn, John1969UnionVol 2 Part A
Blackman, William Horatio1875JacksonVol 2 Part A
Blomquist, Johannes1870MarquetteVol 3 Part A
Boal, Isaac1879EmpireVol 3 Part A
Boal, Isaac1879EmpireVol 9
Boese, Henry M1875Turkey CreekVol 6 Part A
Boesker, Heindrich1885Spring ValleyVol 5 Part A
Bonney, Byron Sylactor1872King CityVol 6 Part A
Borders, Joe R1895Little ValleyVol 7 Part A
Borgstrom, Andrew1883DelmoreVol 9
Bornholdt, Jochim1873SuperiorVol 2 Part A
Bowker, Harrison1871McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Brandt, Selma  (see Selma Aurell)   
Bremyer, Jacob K1872DelmoreVol 1 Part A
Bridgens, Newton Wells1879SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Briggs, Sven Alfred1887Little ValleyVol 1 Part A
Brown, Archibald1873McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Brown, Jabez1879CantonVol 3 Part A
Brown, Thomas1878BonavilleVol 3 Part A
Brubaker, Riley F1903McPhersonVol 9
Bruce, Henry Clay1878King CityVol 5 Part A
Bruce, James Fineley1878DelmoreVol 8 Part A
Bruce, William Roper1885McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Brumley, Samuel T1878South Sharp’s CreekVol 9
Brumley, Samuel T 1878MarquetteVol 4 Part A
Buckman, Henry Smith1873HayesVol 1 Part A
Buehler, Jacob1886 Vol 9
Bukey, John Wheeler1882McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Buller, Henry (Heinrich)1877SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Bunnell, James Monroe1876EmpireVol 2 Part A
Burch, Robert Franklin1870Gypsum CreekVol 1 Part A
Burgess, James Allen1877HayesVol 5 Part A
Burgess, Reuben James1877Little ValleyVol 5 Part A
Burk, August Anderson1882McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Burk, Gust1871New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Burk, Swan1871New GottlandVol 1 Part A
Burnison, Charles J 1871MarquetteVol 3 Part A
Burns, Andrew Jackson1873JacksonVol 7 Part A
Buryanek, Joseph1883JacksonVol 9