Master Index by Last Name C - E

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Caldwell, Paris Oscar1872MoundVol 1 Part A
Carlson, A G & Maria1872UnionVol 1 Part A
Carlson, Albert William1873UnionVol 3 Part A
Carlson, Anders Gustaf1873UnionVol 9
Carlson, Anders John1884McPhersonVol 7 Part A
Carlson, August Falk1877New GottlandVol 3 Part A
Carlson, Carl Erick1883EmpireVol 3 Part A
Carlson, Gus1876MarquetteVol 5 Part A
Carlson, John1875MarquetteVol 5 Part A
Carlson, John1880Smoky HillVol 6 Part A
Carlson, John Albert1885 Vol 9
Carlson, Magnus1868Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Carlson, Peter M  & Christine1879MarquetteVol 3 Part A
Carlson, Wilhelmina  (see Wilhelmina Anderson)   
Carlsson, Alex Gustav  (see John Axel Falen)   
Carlsson, Eben (Ebenezer)1884Smoky HillVol 5 Part A
Carlsson, John F1878UnionVol 7 Part A
Carpenter, Daniel D1871King CityVol 1 Part A
Carstenson, Christ1884South Sharp’s CreekVol 6 Part A
Carter, Zechariah R 1879GrovelandVol 3 Part A
Caruthers, Rebecca  (see Rebecca Aitken)   
Catlin, C  H 1873DelmoreVol 2 Part A
Cheney, William Thomas1877GrovelandVol 7 Part A
Chilstrom, Olof1884McPhersonVol 8 Part A
Chinberg, Nils, Lorentz1877DelmoreVol 2 Part A
Chisholm, Jacob1879Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part A
Christensen,  Christen Hans1892DelmoreVol 6 Part A
Christensen, Andrew & Hansene1881DelmoreVol 3 Part A
Christenson, John P1882South Sharp’s CreekVol 9
Christenson, John Per1882South Sharp’s CreekVol 6 Part A
Christofferson, John1875HarperVol 3 Part A
Clark, Anton1872McPhersonVol 1 Part A
Clark, John1870McPhersonVol 8 Part A
Clark, Polly  (see Polly Hayward)   
Claypool, James McDonald1867MarquetteVol 1 Part A
Coats, Nathan1869Gypsum CreekVol 2 Part A
Colburn, Edward Alva1879McPhersonVol 2 Part A
Colby, Joseph J 1872Lone TreeVol 5 Part A
Cole, Thornton Churchill James1870MoundVol 1 Part A
Conn, George L 1871McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Coons, Harrison M 1873CantonVol 3 Part A
Cooprider, Matthias1880GrovelandVol 3 Part A
Coughenour, Robert H  1878McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Coup, George Washington1870HayesVol 2 Part A
Crabb, Paul Ceton1883King CityVol 9
Cramer, Jacob B1872EmpireVol 1 Part A
Cramer, William Albert1872EmpireVol 2 Part A
Curry, James Thomas1870McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Dahlsten, Anna Maria  Vol 2 Part A
Dahlsten, Emanuel Melchior1869UnionVol 4 Part A
Danielson, Anna  (see Anna Peterson)   
Danielson, Daniel E 1873HarperVol 2 Part A
Danielson, Fabian  (see John Fabian Lundstrom)   
Danielson, Nils Gustaf  (see Nils Gustaf Lindblade)   
Darrah, Hannah (Nelson)1868Smoky HillVol 8 Part A
Darrah, James Bryan1869UnionVol 4 Part A
Darrah, Thomas J1869UnionVol 8 Part A
Davis, Carlton Baldwin1870HarperVol 3 Part A
Davis, Caroline Elizabeth1870HarperVol 3 Part A
Davis, William DeOzro1870HarperVol 3 Part A
Dean, Charles H1872McPhersonVol 6 Part A
DeBoldt, Silas Bernard1877Gypsum Creek Vol 3 Part A
DeBolt, Cornelius Skinner1889Gypsum CreekVol 5 Part A
Decker, Benjamin A1884Lone TreeVol 9
Decker, Eva H1898EmpireVol 9
Decker, Johann1875MoundVol 9
Decker, John1875MoundVol 2 Part A
Decker, John J1898EmpireVol 9
Delano, Stephen1869HarperVol 3 Part A
Dellenbach, Magdelena 1874HayesVol 9
Demieville, Eugene1884MeridianVol 7 Part A
Dielman, Phillip J 1877EmpireVol 5 Part A
Dielmann, Adam J 1874EmpireVol 5 Part A
Diener, Daniel Aaron1886Spring ValleyVol 4 Part A
Dole, B  F 1873Battle HillVol 2 Part A
Dole, Benjamin F 1872Battle HillVol 4 Part A
Dole, William1874Battle HillVol 2 Part A
Donal, Thomas James1874South Sharp’s CreekVol 5 Part A
Dorf, Johan Gustaf & Christina1869UnionVol 1 Part A
Durland, Stanley C 1884South Sharp’s CreekVol 4 Part A
Dyck, Henry C 1886MoundVol 5 Part A
Earhart, Albert Arthur1885EmpireVol 9
Ebaugh, Annanias & Sarah1870New GottlandVol 2 Part A
Ediger, Heinrich & Sara1874Turkey CreekVol 7 Part A
Ediger, Hienrich1874SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Ediger, Solomon P 1885SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Ek, Laurens P 1881McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Eklund, Oskar Niclas Laurentius1880McPhersonVol 3 Part A
Ekstrom, John O 1871New GottlandVol 3 Part A
Eliason, Daniel 1871Smoky HillVol 6 Part A
Eliason, Gustaf1871New GottlandVol 6 Part A
Elliott, Alexander1878King CityVol 4 Part A
Ellwood, Ephraim1874CastleVol 2 Part A
Ellwood, James H 1874CastleVol 2 Part A
Elmquist, Nels Magnus 1868Smoky HillVol 1 Part A
Elmquist, Peter M1869BonavilleVol 1 Part A
Elvin, Sven Oscar1887Smoky HillVol 7 Part A
Embers, Abraham Fredrick & Anna1885King CityVol 5 Part A
Engdahl  Carl Johan Ludvig1870MarquetteVol 8 Part A
Engdahl, Daniel1870MarquetteVol 7 Part A
Enns, Cornelius1879SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Ensminger, Chris1880JacksonVol 5 Part A
Entriken, Frederick Darwin1874McPhersonVol 6 Part A
Erickson, Anders1868MarquetteVol 1 Part A
Erickson, Anders & Anna Maria1869Smoky HillVol 4 Part A
Erickson, Carl Johan & Sara Katerina1884McPhersonVol 6 Part A
Erickson, Erick  (see Erick Hedberg)   
Erickson, John August1880McPhersonVol 4 Part A
Esau, Anna (Bergen)1876Little ValleyVol 5 Part A
Esau, John Baerg1884SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Esping, Julius1870UnionVol 4 Part A
Esping, Otto William1870UnionVol 1 Part A
Etter, Josiah1879King CityVol 3 Part A