Master Index by Last Name K - M

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Kaegi, David sr 1873MeridianVol 2 Part A
Karnstrom, Carolina  (see Carolina Peterson)   
Kasey, Scott W 1883GrovelandVol 4 Part A
Kaufman, Daniel D.1874Turkey CreekVol 5 Part B
Kaufman, Joseph N1882Turkey CreekVol 6 Part B
Kaufman, Napoleon Robert1877Turkey CreekVol 4 Part A
Kaufman, Peter1874MoundVol 7 Part B
Kaufman, Peter R 1874Turkey CreekVol 4 Part A
Keding, Peter1898HarperVol 9
Kindberg, Nils  (see Nils Lorentz Chinberg)   
Kingsley, Andrew Jackson1876Little ValleyVol 3 Part A
Kittell, George H (Dr)1897McPhersonVol 8 Part B
Klassen, Abraham J & Maria1874MeridianVol 9
Klassen, Johann1874MeridianVol 2 Part A
Klassen, Peter J 1875MeridianVol 3 Part A
Knackstedt, August Ernest Ludwig1882SuperiorVol 4 Part A
Knackstedt, R B 1900GrovelandVol 9
Knudson, Severt1878DelmoreVol 7 Part B
Koehn, Peter A & Elizabeth1875Lone TreeVol 7 Part B
Koehn, William S 1877Lone TreeVol 5 Part B
Koenemann, John Henry August1881MeridianVol 5 Part B
Koogle, William J1871Gypsum CreekVol 1 Part B
Koons, Daniel William1874New GottlandVol 9
Koons, William Henry1884New GottlandVol 4 Part A
Krause, Jacob1874Spring ValleyVol 6 Part B
Krebbs, John L 1876MarquetteVol 2 Part A
Krehbiel, Christian1879MoundVol 2 Part A
Krehbiel, Daniel1877MoundVol 2 Part A
Krehbiel, Jacob A 1874MoundVol 5 Part B
Krehbiel, John J 1874Turkey CreekVol 5 Part B
Krehbiel, John W 1884MoundVol 5 Part B
Krehbiel, Tobias J 1874Turkey CreekVol 3 Part A
Kubin, Joseph1871JacksonVol 1 Part B
Kubin, Mathais1872JacksonVol 1 Part B
Kumli, Marie (Papik)1870HarperVol 6 Part B
Kumli, Phillip1868HarperVol 6 Part B
Lafferty, John S1910McPhersonVol 9
Lamer, William1875Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Landgren, Carl Johan1870New GottlandVol 1 Part B
Landis, Jacob1880Spring ValleyVol 2 Part A
Larson, Claus & Caroline1876EmpireVol 5 Part B
Larson, Erick1879UnionVol 3 Part A
Larson, Frank Fritiof 1881DelmoreVol 3 Part A
Larson, Gust A 1889HarperVol 6 Part B
Larson, Hanna Sophia  (see Hanna Sophia Hultgren)   
Larson, John Erick1891HayesVol 6 Part B
Larson, John Fredrick1875New GottlandVol 2 Part A
Larson, Lars & Marguerite1870DelmoreVol 6 Part B
Larson, Nels1876South Sharp’s CreekVol 4 Part B
Larson, Nels Gustaf1878HarperVol 2 Part A
Ledell, Bengt Alfred1888New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Lehman, Elias & Mary1884Gypsum CreekVol 5 Part B
Lehner, Johann1875Spring ValleyVol 9
Leksell, Eric Anderson1885McPhersonVol 4 Part B
Levin, John A 1885Smoky HillVol 4 Part B
Lewis, George A 1879EmpireVol 3 Part A
Lewis, William T 1879MoundVol 3 Part A
Lillian, Anna (Nelson)1875New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Lillian, John1875New GottlandVol 2 Part A
Lilly, Willliam Richardson1877Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part B
Lindberg, Frank1884EmpireVol 5 Part B
Lindblade, Nils Gustaf 1886New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Lindell, Claus Samuel1869CastleVol 3 Part A
Linderholm, Sven1884Smoky HillVol 3 Part A
Lindgren, James Peter1887Gypsum CreekVol 7 Part B
Lindh, P F1869MarquetteVol 1 Part B
Lindh, Peter Fredrik1869MarquetteVol 5 Part B
Linn, Andrew Gustaf1866UnionVol 1 Part B
Linsenmayer, Johan Jacob1886CantonVol 6 Part B
Little, Alfred1878JacksonVol 3 Part A
Logbeck, Frank Otto1878DelmoreVol 4 Part B
Loomis, Perrin Dyer1869MarquetteVol 6 Part B
Lovett, William H 1882EmpireVol 5 Part B
Lundberg, Charles O1871DelmoreVol 6 Part B
Lundquist, Carl Eben1884UnionVol 5 Part B
Lundquist, Carl Johan1869Smoky HillVol 2 Part A
Lundquist, Jon Alfred N 1871UnionVol 5 Part B
Lundquist, Karl Johan (Charles)1869UnionVol 5 Part B
Lundquist, Maria Juliana (Samuelson)1880UnionVol 3 Part A
Lundquist, Nels P 1876UnionVol 4 Part B
Lundquist, Samuel Otto N 1871UnionVol 5 Part B
Lundstrom, Emma (Nelson)1869New GottlandVol 2 Part A
Lundstrom, John Fabian1869New GottlandVol 2 Part A
Lungstrom, Andrew  (see John O Ekstrom)   
Luty, Charles Oscar1870SuperiorVol 2 Part A
Magnusson, Petter1868New GottlandVol 1 Part B
Malm, Gustav Nathaniel1894Smoky HillVol 9
Malm, Per David1905Smoky HillVol 9
Maltby, David B1884McPhersonVol 6 Part B
Manny, John1874MeridianVol 2 Part B
Marston, Jeremiah Maxfield1872CantonVol 1 Part B
Martin, Nancy  (see Nancy Hillaker)   
Marx, Peter1884DelmoreVol 5 Part B
Mathes, William O1867McPhersonVol 6 Part B
Matson, Christian & Botilda1871McPhersonVol 2 Part B
Mattson, Andrew S 1882HayesVol 4 Part B
Maughmer, Jane  (see Jane Mowbry)   
McCarty, James Wesley1885JacksonVol 1 Part B
McClain, Joseph P 1874HarperVol 4 Part B
McClintick, William (Rev)1873McPhersonVol 1 Part B
McCourt, George L 1874McPhersonVol 2 Part B
McGill, Benjamin Franklin1870McPhersonVol 1 Part B
McGill, John Somers1884CantonVol 7 Part B
McNett, Abraham1879New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Meyer, William Deitrich1888Lone TreeVol 6 Part B
Michael, John H 1878Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part B
Miller, Harvey D1899GrovelandVol 7 Part B
Miller, Jesse Rufus1895Gypsum CreekVol 9
Miller, Levi 1899King CityVol 9
Mills, David Marion1873CastleVol 1 Part B
Minns, Robert1866HarperVol 1 Part B
Mishler, Mose Joseph1899HayesVol 7 Part B
Moddelmog, August1884MeridianVol 5 Part B
Moddrell, James Madison1875CantonVol 5 Part B
Modine, Nels1878McPhersonVol 3 Part B
Montgomery, Jane Charlotte1879McPhersonVol 6 Part B
Moon, James Carter & Mary Jane1873Lone TreeVol 5 Part B
Moon, John Carter1873Spring ValleyVol 2 Part B
Moon, Thomas Washington1874Spring ValleyVol 2 Part B
Moors, John1873GrovelandVol 1 Part B
Morine, Swan S1898McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Morris, Benjamin Franklin1873CantonVol 2 Part B
Morris, James Franklin1882Turkey CreekVol 4 Part B
Morris, William H 1873CantonVol 2 Part B
Mowbry, Jane (Maughmer)1879JacksonVol 3 Part B
Mugler, Paul1880King CityVol 4 Part B
Muir, James1884Gypsum CreekVol 4 Part B
Mullen, Joseph L 1869Turkey CreekVol 2 Part B
Munson, Pete1885MarquetteVol 6 Part B
Myers, Cenas1878South Sharp’s CreekVol 2 Part B
Myers, Darius1871MarquetteVol 4 Part B