Master Index by Last Name N - Q

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                                            Name(s)                                                        Year                Township                 Index Volume

Nachtigal, Tobias John1875Lone TreeVol 5 Part B
Neel, Ailiff Shepard1878CastleVol 7 Part B
Nellis, Jesse Freemont  (see Jessie Freemont Wyman)   
Nelson, Andrew1879EmpireVol 1 Part B
Nelson, Andrew1879EmpireVol 7 Part B
Nelson, Andrew Peter1872McPhersonVol 1 Part B
Nelson, Anna  (see Anna Johnson)   
Nelson, Anna (see Anna Lillian)   
Nelson, August1886New GottlandVol 7 Part B
Nelson, August1895EmpireVol 9
Nelson, Axel Fredrick1885HarperVol 4 Part B
Nelson, Charles A 1878Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Nelson, Emma  (see Emma Lundstrom)   
Nelson, George Wilson1879CantonVol 3 Part B
Nelson, George Wilson1878CantonVol 6 Part B
Nelson, Hannah  (see Hannah Darrah)   
Nelson, Hannah (Frederickson)1879Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Nelson, James1884New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Nelson, Johannes (John)1875DelmoreVol 2 Part B
Nelson, John1878EmpireVol 2 Part B
Nelson, John1875HarperVol 2 Part B
Nelson, John B 1886CastleVol 5 Part B
Nelson, Lars1873MarquetteVol 1 Part B
Nelson, Marta Lisa (Jansson)1868DelmoreVol 1 Part B
Nelson, Nels1880Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Nelson, Nels L1880UnionVol 6 Part B
Nelson, Olaf1869Smoky HillVol 3 Part B
Nelson, Olan Peter & Nancy1898HarperVol 8 Part B
Nelson, Per1877HarperVol 4 Part B
Nelson, Peter1868HarperVol 1 Part B
Nelson, Peter & Anna1870UnionVol 5 Part B
Nelson, Stephanus1883McPhersonVol 8 Part B
Neuenschwander, Peter1873Spring ValleyVol 3 Part B
Neufeld, Peter1875SuperiorVol 4 Part B
Nichols, Thomas J1869Gypsum CreekVol 2 Part B
Norberg, Louis1869Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Norberg, Peter1871Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Nord, Andrew J1894DelmoreVol 8 Part B
Nordberg, Kristina Louise1869New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Nordberg, Louis Magnus1869Smoky HillVol 5 Part B
Nordin, Olof1895BonavilleVol 8 Part B
Nordling, Erik1877DelmoreVol 4 Part B
Nordlund, Hans J 1866Smoky HillVol 4 Part B
Nordstedt, Bengt Anders1886MarquetteVol 5 Part B
Nordwall, Andrew J  (see Andrew J Nord)   
Norland, Peter1883CastleVol 5 Part B
Norlin, Christopher Magnus1878MarquetteVol 8 Part B
Norris, Stephen Samuel1869MarquetteVol 6 Part B
Norstrom, Claus L1868Smoky HillVol 9
Oakes, Isaac1874Battle HillVol 2 Part B
Ogden, Albert1873CantonVol 5 Part B
Okerlund, Peter1884DelmoreVol 4 Part B
Oldfield, Amos1873CantonVol 2 Part B
Oldfield, John Wesley1873CantonVol 6 Part B
Olin, Olaf P B 1874DelmoreVol 2 Part B
Olson, Anders M1868Smoky HillVol 8 Part B
Olson, Carl Johan1881HayesVol 4 Part B
Olson, Erick1879New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Olson, Gunnar1869Smoky HillVol 1 Part B
Olson, Johan Erick1882Smoky HillVol 4 Part B
Olson, John W 1883New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Olson, Nils O  (see Nils Hedlund)   
Olson, Olaf  (see Olaf Florman)   
Olson, Olof1869South Sharp’s CreekVol 6 Part B
Olson, Peter August1882HarperVol 6 Part B
Olsson, Nils1870New GottlandVol 1 Part B
Ortman, Fredrick1877Turkey CreekVol 5 Part B
Osborne, Thomas Alexander1878McPhersonVol 3 Part B
Osgood, George Franklin1871HayesVol 2 Part B
Ostlind,  John sr 1871New GottlandVol 4 Part B
Ostlind, John jr 1871McPhersonVol 2 Part B
Ostlind, John sr1871McPhersonVol 1 Part B
Owen, Joseph Carroll1879McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Pack, William P1872MoundVol 1 Part B
Palmquist, Nils J1870HarperVol 1 Part B
Palmquist, Nils Johan1870HarperVol 7 Part B
Palmquist, Swen August1869UnionVol 1 Part B
Pancost, Allen Cook1880King CityVol 3 Part B
Papik, Marie  (see Marie Kumli)   
Patrick, Gustaf1879BonavilleVol 6 Part B
Patrick, N  J 1878Smoky HillVol 2 Part B
Pauls, Heinrich1865Little ValleyVol 1 Part B
Pearson, Hans Westling & Johanna1879HayesVol 8 Part B
Peel, Christian M 1881New GottlandVol 5 Part B
Penner, David F1874SuperiorVol 9
Person, Carl Johan  (see Carl Johan Landgren)   
Peterson, Anna (Danielson)1880HarperVol 4 Part B
Peterson, Anna (Danielson)1875HarperVol 5 Part B
Peterson, August1870MarquetteVol 1 Part B
Peterson, Carl1875MarquetteVol 5 Part B
Peterson, Carolina (Karnstrom)1874DelmoreVol 5 Part B
Peterson, Christian Kalleson1870McPhersonVol 2 Part B
Peterson, Gustav Walfred & Julia1879HayesVol 4 Part B
Peterson, Ingwert A1871McPhersonVol 1 Part B
Peterson, Jes Christen & Mathilda1883Smoky HillVol 6 Part B
Peterson, Johannes August1871CastleVol 6 Part B
Peterson, John Anders & Susanna1881CastleVol 6 Part B
Peterson, John Peter1869CastleVol 3 Part B
Peterson, John Peter1873DelmoreVol 5 Part B
Peterson, John Peter & Marie1879HayesVol 4 Part B
Peterson, John W & Anna1877DelmoreVol 2 Part B
Peterson, Nels1878McPhersonVol 6 Part B
Peterson, Olaf W 1873 Vol 2 Part B
Peterson, Peter August & Hilma1885HayesVol 4 Part B
Peterson, Peter Johan1874DelmoreVol 5 Part B
Peterson, Peter William & Josephina1879HayesVol 4 Part B
Petterson, Andrew Gustaf  (see Andrew Gustaf Linn)   
Platner, Christopher Columbus1875CastleVol 3 Part B
Pool, Mattis1870Smoky HillVol 1 Part B
Post, John P1879McPhersonVol 7 Part B
Post, John Peter1881McPhersonVol 4 Part B
Postier, William C F 1874HayesVol 5 Part B
Poulseen, Paul1871New GottlandVol 1 Part B
Poulson, James D 1875GrovelandVol 4 Part B
Poulson, Thomas1875GrovelandVol 4 Part B
Power, Mary Ann1879Gypsum Creek Vol 3 Part B
Powers, Rufus Layton1880CantonVol 5 Part B
Quist, Amanda Catherine  (see Amanda Catherine Johnson)   
Quist, Inga1876Smoky HillVol 8 Part B